The Miracle Morning

The not-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life before 8 AM

By Hal Elrod


  1. Silence – pray or meditate to set yourself apart for something bigger
  2. Affirmations – the more you tell yourself something will happen, the more likely it is to actually happen
  3. Visualization – We can do anything imaginable. but first we have to imagine it
  4. Exercise will boost your mood and help you focus the rest of the day
  5. Reading – something that will motivate and inspire you
  6. Scribing – write down your thoughts. What I did yesterday. To do today. Things I’m grateful for

Habits – make your mind work on autopilot

Best way to form a habit — > find an accountability partner

Also take note of:

Rear view mirror syndrome – a previous negative experience that prevents us from creating new experiences

Isolating Incidents – by isolating an event of today, you affect who you are as a whole



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